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Interior Product from China 2020 – Chairs –


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There are many interesting interior products and brands coming up in China these days.

Several years ago, only some part of people were interested in design furniture, and many of them tended to buy classic style furniture or Italian brand furniture.

Now days, younger generations are having more interests in design products.

They have already bought branded clothings, cosmetics, cars, or IT devices, then started traveling all around the world. In these days, they also started having more interests in interior products.

INTEBEE would like to introduce some of the interesting interior products we found.

This time, we will focus on four chairs:


1. 梵几螳螂椅 / Fnji Home – Mantis Chair

Within the hand crafted organic frame, the upholstered seating is floating.

While the frame is rounded and feels Asian, the floating seat is in contemporary style and using Kvadrat fabrics.

Considering the material and craft used, the price is relatively affordable.

RMB3,600 – 4,960 (USD515 – USD708)



2.梵几藤甲叠椅 / Fnji Home – Cane Shell Stacking Chair

On the simple and modern wooden frame, it uses natural canes for back&seat.

While the design is relatively simple, the color way is trendy and international – natural Ash, black Ash, gray Ash, and Walnut.

And its stackable, so that the commercial use is also possible.

RMB1,580 – 1,980 (USD226 – USD283)



3.尖叫设计虹椅餐椅 / WOW DSGN – Arch Chair

Designed by Finnish Designer, Aalto Aalto.

Its also a trend to appoint an international designers for product.

While the chair has an unique form in wooden crafted frame, the price is amazing.

RMB999 (USD142)



4. 造作洛城软椅 / ZAO ZUO – LA Chair

ZAOZUO is also Chinas upcoming interior product brand.

They are also appointing many of the international designers for their product.

They are offering modern contemporary design product in affordable pricing.

This LA Chair in upholstery is useful for both residential and office use.

It comes with nice upholstery options, decent quality, and very affordable pricing.

Its stackable so it can be used in the conference room as well.

RMB599 (USD86)



Reference Website:

梵几 FNJI Furniture

Reference Website:


Reference Website:


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