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How does Claris FileMaker work for Interior Design Studios & Architects


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Today, we will write about how Claris Filemaker can be a useful tool for Interior Designers, Architects, Procurement Companies, and Hospitality management company.

What is Claris FileMaker?

Claris FileMaker is a “no-code” business application builder. It’s similar to Microsoft Access.

You can build a business application for your studio / company easily without writing many codes.

There are a lot of business applications works in Web Browser like Edge, Safari, or Google Chrome, like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Zoho,, ZenDesk. Or AirTable might be similar too.

However, after trying these applications, have you ever thought that you wanted to make your own application?

These applications are all great, but they might not be able to 100% fulfill your demand.

Claris FileMaker or Microsoft Access?

Yet they have similar functions, we like to use Claris FileMaker due to…

  • Multi Platform ( Mac, Win, iOS, and you can build Web version)
  • Frequent Update
  • Apple subsidiary
  • Cloud Service
  • Modern UI

What will you build with Claris FileMaker for Interior Design Studio and Architects?

What kind of applications you want to make for your studio? Here is the examples…

  • Project List
  • Product Specifications
  • Team Member Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Payment Management
  • HR
  • Drawing Management
  • Site Photo Management
  • Progress Management
  • Media Management

There are many things you can come up with, and all of these can be achieved with your custom Applications in FileMaker.


INTEBEE SpecMaker is pre-build FileMaker file we made. While you cannot edit this file, it has all you need to make Product Specifications.

If you need to custom it for your studio, we can help it with low cost. Please contact us

You can try INTEBEE SpecMaker for free :

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