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5 tools (software) to make Interior Design Product Specifications / Spec Sheets


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Have you ever considered what tool, application, software you should use to make Interior Design Product Specifications?

Here is some tips…


We are proud to introduce INTEBEE as the best Product Specification tool considering it’s flexibility to export PDF in several different ways with related specs or even with related PDF document to make entire book.

And not like other service, you can own your data in your sever. This is the great advantage to protect your data for safety.

It is not easy to set-up in the beginning since it’s based on Filemaker software, but it will provide the powerful functions after setup with user friendly UI.

INTEBEE– Unlimited Projects
– Unlimited Users
– Area, Category, Revisions
– Budget
– PDF Insert
– Finish, COM/COL Insert
– PDF Export
– Data Share
– 3 Languages Support (English, Japanese, Chinese)
Claris FilemakerUSD10-15/device
(+ Filemaker Subscription)
*2022 Dec

2. Design Spec

They have very modern UI with purchasing function. It’s very easy to start as it’s web base.

DesignSpec– Organized Spec Sheets
– Custom Report
– Area & Floors
– Web Clip
– Budgeting
– Procurement
– Access from everywhere
– Export Specs in different formats
Web ApplicationUSD39 – 59/user
*2022 Dec

3. specsources

It is also popular software to produce specification with purchasing function.

specsources– Spec sheets and spec books
– Link COMs and COLs and track qtys
Insert unlimited Project or Item PDFs
– Copying tool for projects
– Export reports to Excel, Word, or PDF
– Budget builder
– Custom report builder
– Collaborate with team members
Web Application
(also there is PC version)
*2022 Dec


FOHLIO– Standardization function
– Procurement Function
– Cost Analythys
– Role function
Web ApplicationUSD99.99/month
(for Freelancer)

5. gather

It has modern UI and unique web-clip and comment function.

gather– Web Clip
– Organize
– Comment Post
– Procurement Tracking
Web ApplicationUSD165~/month
up to 5users
*2022 Dec


Each App has its own uniqueness and strong points. Please compare them carefully and find the best options for your work, studio, or firm.

Many of them offers modern UI to access with web-browser, which is very easy to start while INTEBEE offers FileMaker base, which is not easy for beginners. However, it provides great function as well as fast and secure access to your data.

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