INTEBEE Web Spec Maker has been launched!

INTEBEE Spec Maker has been on Claris Filemaker for a long time.

We have now launched a web browser based version!

Please try out our brand-new application.

You have no longer needed Claris Filemaker to try INTEBEE Spec Maker.

Need a Clarid Filemaker version?

What is INTEBEE Spec Maker & Manager

INTEBEE Spec Sheet Maker is an Application to support Interior Designers, Architects, Sourcing Companies, Procurement Agents, or Hospitality Operators  to issue and manage Product Specifications.

If you have experience struggled with managing product specifications over projects, this application can be the best solution.

You can add the product information,  finish information, or fabric information, and issue the Product Specifications by project.

The database can be shared online, so that your team members can access the latest information.

You can also save the project related images or floor plans and insert them to the Specification Book. (Only on FileMaker version).

You can easily refer to your team’s past projects for new project.

The software is built by “Claris Filemaker” or “Browser (limited functions as beta).  Your database can be hosted to the server to work with your co-workers.

If you do not have Claris Filemaker, we recommend INTEBEE Web Spec Maker.

“Claris Filemaker” offers many applications you can custom and use for your business.

Save your time on documentation
Use more time on Design Work



Team & Member

Set Team and Member and assign them on projects. You can also set To Do on the project to manage projects.

One Click Spec Sheet

By clicking a button, you can issue beautiful spec sheets with Floor Plan, Drawings, Documents, or Preambles.


Spec Sheet will be set by projects. You can add Project related documents like floor plan or site photos.

Manage Products

You can add the product information with drawings. Or specify the finish, fabric and leathers on product.

Seamless Floor Plan Mapping

Seamlessly you can create floor plan from product specifications

Project Budget Management

You can also show the project budget by category and area.
It will help you to manage the entire project budget.

Attach PDF document

You can attach PDF document (e.g. cut sheet, drawing) to the spec sheet and generate PDF together.

Web Base!

Just open it in your PC web browser from anywhere and anytime. No need the softwares.

Click Here

Take a look what Specifications you can make
just One Click!

Click to See the Samples below⬇

More information is available in Documentation


No, we have two applications – INTEBEE Web Spec Maker and INTEBEE Spec Maker (Filemaker).

Web Spec Maker does not require any specific software.

INTEBEE Spec Maker (Filemaker) requires the filemaker software, but it offers offline solution, internal-network hosting, advanced specification book creations, and multi-language etc.

This link is for INTEBEE Web Spec Maker.

This link is for INTEBEE Spec Maker (Filemaker)

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