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How to make Interior Design Product Specification


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What is Product Specification?

If you are an interior designer or architect, I believe you daily make Product Specification.

Product Specification is to show the product information to be used in your interior design project.
It shows what product / furniture / hardware / system / finish / fabric&leather should be used for in your project.

The owner, sourcing agent, contractor, or vendor/supplier will source or produce the product based on this Product Specification.

It is important to show full information with images for everyone to clearly understand what should be used.
However, it is often difficult to do it because of the time restriction and multiple revisions over project.

example of specification

What contents should it have?

Typically, the document to contain:

  • Project Name
  • Project Number
  • Item Code
  • Item Name
  • Issue Date
  • Revision Date
  • Revision #
  • Quantity
  • Reference Price
  • Manufacturer
  • Source
  • Description
  • Dimension
  • Finish
  • Upholstery
  • Image
  • Required Item
  • Instruction
  • Manufacturer Spec
  • Drawing

This is the information typically required, however, you can imagine how many products are to be used in one interior design project – it includes small hardware or bathroom accessories – or sometimes it includes cutlery too.

What else does Product Specification requires?

When you issue a formal product specifications for a large project, your client may require to have the cover page, instruction (preamble), floor plan, rendering image, product list, and finish&upholstery specification after each product specification.
And this may need to be issued by area.

This is almost a book for a project.

And you will technically need to manage it every time the product is updated for design change or out of stock etc.

Maybe you feel this is not realistic to do.

How to Mange Design Specifications?

It takes a lot of time and energy to manage this much information with any existing design software, like Illustrator or inDesign, nor office software, like Word or Excel.

Adobe Illustrator - Wikipedia
Adobe InDesign Download for Free - 2022 Latest Version
Microsoft, office, 365, word Icon in Logos Microsoft Office 365
File:Microsoft Office Excel (2019–present).svg - Wikimedia Commons

It requires to show so many information in different view but all in a specific format, and it needs to be sorted and categorized. This cannot be done without a proper database.

Bud you may think “database” is too much for an interior designer.

We suggest to use Claris FileMaker. This is an sofrware to make a custom business application with “no code” for your work. They are Apple subsidiary company.

This software can offer the Cloud service as well to share the database, so that you do not need to worry about server set-up etc. There is a friendly guideline to follow step by step.

Yes, it costs certain price monthly, however, please think about how much time it can save.

The best and easiest solution

Even though you use Claris Filemaker, it takes a lot of time for you to learn how to make an application for Interior Design Product Specifications.

No worry, INTEBEE offers the template file for Claris Filemaker.

This file includes all the information field you need and full function & template to issue Interior Design Specification.

For example, all the above specifications in this article have been made in INTEBEE Spec Maker.

Cost of Using these services

It’s depending on the country you live, but as of now (2022 Dec) Claris requires US$21 per user/month for 5 users.

This includes Cloud service.

And INTEBEE requires US$10 per user/month for 5 users (2022 Dec).

This means, you will need US$31 per user/month for 5 users only.

It depends on you or your company, but I believe this cost will actually worth to save time of designers, upgrade the quality of work, and keep all the record of past projects.

Both FileMaker and INTEBEE offers 45days Free Trial. I suggest to try out first for free to see if it worth or not.

FileMaker – Trial :

INTEBEE – Trial :

Please feel free to contact INTEBEE if you have any questions.

Save time on paper work, Spend more time on design work!

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