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How to Map the Interior Design Floor Plan with Products


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Creating a detailed and accurate floor plan is a crucial step in any interior design project🏠

Whether you are a professional interior designer, architect, contractor, or project manager, having the right tools and techniques can make a significant difference in the success of your project and satisfy your client. In this article, we will explore how important to map specific products with the right information for clients and projects.

There are multiple floor plan creating tools like Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture, SketchUp, Planner5D, Fusion, or RooomSketcher etc.

But for the actual project, it’s also very important to map the actual product information correctly in order to budget the project, source the products, install the products, and maintain the interior after handover.

Importance of Mapping Specific Products

Mapping specific products with the right information is essential for the success of any interior design project. This process involves selecting and documenting furnishings, fixtures, materials, and accessories that will be used in the project. Here are some key reasons why this is important:


Accurate product mapping helps in creating a realistic budget for the project.

By knowing the exact cost of each item, designers can ensure that the project stays within the client’s budget. This also helps in avoiding unexpected expenses and financial surprises down the line.


Having detailed product information makes it easier to source the required items. Designers can identify reliable suppliers, compare prices, and ensure that the products meet the project’s specifications. This streamlines the procurement process and ensures timely delivery of materials.

Installation & Maintenance

Installing products is also an important step to complete your design. Product mapping will help installer a lot to visualize where and what to place the products.

Documenting product details, such as manufacturer information, material specifications, and maintenance instructions, is crucial for the long-term upkeep of the space. This information helps clients and facility managers maintain the environment effectively and address any issues that may arise.

Practical Steps for Mapping Products

  1. Create a Detailed Inventory: List all the products that will be used in the project, including furniture, fixtures, and materials. Include detailed descriptions, dimensions, and specifications.
  2. Use Digital Tools: Utilize digital tools and software to map products onto the floor plan. This can include CAD software, 3D modeling tools, or specialized interior design applications.
  3. Link Products to Floor Plan: Ensure that each product is accurately placed on the floor plan. This helps in visualizing the final layout and ensures that all items fit within the designated spaces.
  4. Include Product Information: Attach detailed product information to the floor plan. This can include cost, supplier details, maintenance instructions, and any other relevant information.
  5. Regular Updates: Keep the product mapping updated throughout the project. Any changes in products or specifications should be reflected in the floor plan to avoid discrepancies.

Suggested Solution

The application INTEBEE Web Spec Maker will make all the above possible within one application – creating the detailed yet beautiful product specification, project budgeting, and product mapping into your floor plan by collaborating with your team and clients.

It will streamline your design process to improve your client’s satisfaction.

It’s offering a FREE plan without credit card information and no trial days limitation.

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