Who Are We?

INTEBEE is set up to provide a solution for world’s commercial Interior Designers, Architects, Sourcing Agents, Procurement Companies, Suppliers, Vendors, Operators or Owners as well as People like Interior Designs.

INTEBEE  will offer the IT solutions for all interior products related parties.

We hope INTEBEE can help people to enjoy Interior Designs in your life more.

INTEBEE Spec Make & Manage Application

INTEBEE Spec Maker is the software to support Interior Designer & Architect, Interior Product Sourcing Company, FF&E OSE Procurement Company, or Hotel Operator to issue and manage Design Specification.




INTEBEE offers Filemaker based Database App development for Designers and Project owners. We also help you to develop website.




Web Browser based Application

INTEBEE Spec Maker has two available applications.

One is a Web-browser based application, which can use with any desktop browser.

Another is a application based on Claris FileMaker.

If you have need a quick solution, we recommend our new Web-browser based application.

If you have Claris Filemaker already, you may find Filemaker based application better.

FileMaker Custom Filing System / APP

INTEBEE will help you to develop your custom data base APP using Claris FileMaker.

You will be able to manage your Design Proposal, Drawings, Spec Sheet, Price Proposal, or Pictures in the system. 

Spec Sheet can be automatically generated from the database.

If you are project owner, you will be able to manage your design related documents and purchased goods in the system.

The system can be fully customized according to your need, and it can be expanded by INTEBEE or yourself.

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Website Development

Do you need your website?

INTEBEE will help to build your website!

INTEBEE is fully developed by ourselves using world’s most popular CMS, wordpress.

INTEBEE will support to make an easily manageable design-oriented website for designer, vendor, or project owners.

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