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We have a browser based version without Claris Filemaker.

The below is for INTEBEE Spec Maker on Claris Filemaker

The best solution to manage Interior Design Specifications for ALL
Interior Designers / Architects / Sourcing Agents / Operators

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What is INTEBEE Spec Maker & Manager

INTEBEE Spec Sheet Maker is an Application to support Interior Designers, Architects, Sourcing Companies, Procurement Agents, or Hospitality Operators  to issue and manage Product Specifications.

If you have experience struggled with managing product specifications over projects, this application can be the best solution.

You can add the product information,  finish information, or fabric information, and issue the Product Specifications by project.

The database can be shared online, so that your team members can access the latest information.

You can also save the project related images or floor plans and insert them to the Specification Book. (Only on FileMaker version).

You can easily refer to your team’s past projects for new project.

The software is built by “Claris Filemaker” or “Browser (limited functions as beta).  Your database can be hosted to the server to work with your co-workers.

If you do not have Claris Filemaker, we recommend INTEBEE Web Spec Maker.

“Claris Filemaker” offers many applications you can custom and use for your business.

Save your time on documentation
Use more time on Design Work

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Team & Member

Set Team and Member and assign them on projects. You can also set To Do on the project to manage projects.

One Click Spec Sheet

By clicking a button, you can issue beautiful spec sheets with Floor Plan, Drawings, Documents, or Preambles.


Spec Sheet will be set by projects. You can add Project related documents like floor plan or site photos.

Manage Products

You can add the product information with drawings. Or specify the finish, fabric and leathers on product.

Save Favorite Product

You can register your studio favorite products, and specify it on any projects easily.

Secure and Access

The database can be hosted on your server or cloud by Claris. Team can access it anywhere or only through internal network.

3 Language Available

The software can support English, Chinese, and Japanese language.

Claris Filemaker

The software is built on Claris Filemaker. It is an Apple's secure database software and you can build custom business app easily.


Take a look what Specifications you can make
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More information is available in Documentation

Download and Use for Free

No account registration, No payment information are required.
ONLY 2 Steps !
1. Download Claris Filemaker. Free Trial is available.
2. Download INTEBEE Spec Maker, and open it with Claris Filemaker.




Single User

As long as you use Single User version, you can use for free. No registration is required.
Additionally Claris Filemaker is required.
Claris Filemaker provides Free Trial.


USD 15.00

/device & month

Purchase by 1 device.
Annual purchase only.
You will have a priority support. Additionally Claris Filemaker is required.


USD 10.00

/device & month
for 5 devices pack

Purchase 5 device product keys.
Annual purchase only.
You will have a priority support.
Additionally Claris Filemaker is required.


Yes, you need to have a Claris Filemaker application and a valid account for it separately from INTEBEE Spec Maker since  INTEBEE Spec Maker is a Claris Filemaker file.

Our license is only for INTEBEE Spec Maker, and it will not cover Claris Filemaker.  Claris FileMaker also offers Free Trial. Please see the detail here.

Claris Filemaker is a secure custom database tool by Apple. You can easily host your app on a server and create apps for your business.

As long as you use Single User version, you can use this Filemaker Application for free. You can use all the function including uploading file to the host, but the device you can register is limited to one device in this version.

You can enter INTEBEE Spec Maker license (Product Key) at setting page of the application. Please remember that the trial will be ended once you enter the valid code.

Under your product key, you can activate / deactivate devices. Only the activated device can add the data.

iPad / iPhone / webdirect mode do not require device activation, however, they are not fully supported for INTEBEE spec maker and cannot issue full spec sheet in PDF.

  • Win / Mac OS FileMaker Pro 17 / FileMaker Server 17 or higher.
  • *iPad / iPhone apps are not fully supported and they cannot issue PDF files properly.
  • *FileMaker Webdirect is not fully supported and they cannot issue PDF files properly.
  • For the system requirements for FileMaker, please refer to the website.

Unfortunately no. Especially it cannot issue specification book in PDF since INTEBEE Spec Maker requires plugin (BaseElements Plugin).

The layout also not supports Browser or iPhone/iPad. Please use FileMaker in Win / Mac OS.

You can use either FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud (link here). By using FileMaker Server, you can host INTEBEE Spec Maker on your own server or 3rd party server. FileMaker Cloud is the cloud service by Claris to host your file, which is available in some of the countries.

Unfotunately no. Currently only PDF export is supported.

Unfortunately no. INTEBEE Spec Maker file is not available for user to custom by own. 

We are offering custom INTEBEE Spec Maker for your studio. Please contact us for further information and pricing. We offer custom function, custom color scheme, and custom Spec Sheet template.

We can produce other custom apps for your business built with FileMaker.

Only PayPal is supported for now (2022/01/16)

No passwords are set for them. Please enter without password.

Yes, it is beta version for now. Please support us to report any bugs or problems to fix.

We will launch the official version in future.

FileMaker is a stable database software for small-middle team use. Maximum connection number is up to your accont and server specs, however, INTEBEE suggest to keep it under 50 people around for the best performance.

Setting Password : *no password

Demo User Password : *no password

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