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design by Neri&Hu
November 01,2020


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Product Name STAY
Product Type Furniture, Indoor Furniture, Others
Brand Name Cassina
Collection / Series Name 375 Stay
Year of Design 2020
Available Finish Multiple
Material Walnut, Ash, Lacquer, Gun Metal, Bronze etc.
Country Italy

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Designer : Neri&Hu

Neri&Hu designed transformable furniture for Cassina in 2020.

It is a beautiful and functional furniture with multiple way of use at home. Screen, Vanity, Mirror, and Valet are combined and are customizable according to the purpose of use of each person. This kind of “personalize” furniture could be a new trend of furniture near future. “Personalize” means that the furniture can be used in any situations over the time by changing its form according to the change of need in your life – so it is “sustainable”.

The design is combination of wood and metal in industrial but sophisticated way, following Neri&Hu’s signature design. The back side has the colored lacquer finish – it gives your home some accents. As the collection name is “Stay”, we are spending more time at home. This functional but beautiful screen will offer some variation in your life at home.

Cite from Neri&Hu :

Created during this unique time of staying at home, Neri&Hu explores notions of domesticity, shelter and the inner sanctum with their debut collection for Cassina Functionally, the collection is for the storage of domestic objects, so the name also refers to how cloths and objects “stay” in their chests of storage spaces, drawing a humorous parallel to our current human condition.

The Stay collection is a tribute to our collective experience of sheltering in place (including the objects’) – as the world around us feels increasingly unstable, the home is a resilient source of comfort and stability. The foundation of each piece in the collection is the wooden platform base upon which other functional items sit. The stout legs and wide plank are steady and immovable, in contrast to the upper elements that are more lightweight and flexible. The series ranges from a vertical chest of drawers to a screened armoire, while several hanging accessories like mirrors and hooks can also be added to customize the pieces to suit your personal rituals.

Picture from Cassina and Neri&Hu.

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Cassina – 375 Stay

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Neri&Hu – Stay Collection


Neri&Hu Design and Research Office was founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu in Shanghai in 2004.

They offers interdisciplinary design based on their deep research and architectural method, which they have been studying and practicing.

Neri&Hu respect the importance of research of the background, history, culture, brand, location, innovation, or how people interpret and use the space.
Also, they have a strong background as an architect – Lyndon received a Master of Architecture at Harva ……

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